Thursday, 10 July 2008

Rain drops keep falling on my head

Sometimes you get to a hostal and it feels like home, cool bananas was definetly one of these with cosy out door seating with candles and a fire, some good raggae beats and a long haired hippy cooking nutritious $5 meals every night.

Everything was going well until I woke up at 4am and could feel and hear something dripping down on me, once i had woken up properly I realised what it must be, being on the bottom bunk means gravity takes its course right on down.

I waited for the mini Niagara falls to stop (which took a good 5 minutes) and climbed out of bed, knowing i would get more wet if i made a dash for it staright away. With one very wet side, I shone my torch at the guy above me, hoping he would have a leaking 2 litre water bottle next to his crutch. No, this was some drunk Irish mans piss all over me! I didn't really know what to do so I woke up Briony and Becky for some moral support.
Which they gave saying nice things like "Oh my God your so calm, I would be FREAKING OUT!"
One of the house keepers was up and he was so nice, putting my stuff in the wash and taking out the matress etc.

He woke up the guy who firstly said "oh fuck" followed by "this isnt my bed, i just got into it"
How thick does he think I am?? Apart from the fact his sleeping bag was soaked. Briony set him straight.

The hostal chucked him out so when I walked back in the room he was packing, I kind of expected him to be on his knees begging for my forgiveness, nope nothing....he literlly didnt say anything. As he left the room i said "thats it piss on my leg, then piss off" then i realised it sounded comical and just laughed, didnt have the effect I really wanted. At least he had to do the walk of shame with all 3 of us glaring at him.

I didn't know you could create so much pee, It had gone through his sleeping bag, his matress, me and my matress. It got on my PJ top, trousers and even my pants, I have never washed with so much soap!!

So in the end Briony kindly let me share her bed, as the hostal was full, and i dont no what happened to the pee man, I almost felt sorry for him...almost, actually no he didnt even say sorry he deserved it.


Jamie said...

omg, I told you that a really similar thing happened in one of my hostels to a girl in the bunk bellow me? No, it wasn't me, it was a(nother) drunk Irish guy who got out of his bed to pee on her. Did Briony make sure you'd washed before getting into her bed?

Maddy said...

Yeh i remember you saying, and yes i washed so well my skin nearly fell off. The hostal owner cleaned the matresses and to prove how clean they were he rubbed his face on it! Such a funny guy. Not that i had to sleep on it again

steyning bookshop said...

You poor thing how vile. Makes Jacob's (possibly exaggerated)account of little Ren cheerily peeing all over the camper van saying "Oh look, a fountain!" sound much less revolting.