Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bad night g'day

So after having a very bad sleep I woke up and went to put my washing out, but the lovely guy from last night had taken it out and already hung it on the line for me.

We then all headed out to the Bushtukka pampering tour, which involved a bush walk seeing spiders, lizards, lots of trees and caves etc. Then we got to a beautiful beach and had a swim and got covered in mineral mud.
The tour guide was very into his conspiracys about sun block giving you cancer, UFO's and the end of the world in 2012, I just though it was the bloody olympics!
I had to hold my tongue abit, some of it was so stupid.

We got back to the hostal,ate lunch then got picked up by 'Chopperoo'. A tour on choppers, which was so much fun. The flyer said "licence needed but no need to show" perfect! So we all chose a chopper (mine a nice Auzzie flag number) and head out on the highway, looking for adventure. For $50 we got an introduction and 3 hours on the road driving round Agnes waters and 1770, stopping at a pub for wedges and a nice sunset.

When we got back to the hostal, the owner gave me dinner and free drinks and money off my stay, anyone would have thought he had pissed on me!

So it ended up being a really good day, and I would recomend this hostal to anyone!


Jamie said...

I thought you meant a helicopter ride! Chopper bikes, even cooler! Hope you got some photos. I was going to say that the lovely guy just wanted to sniff your pants ;) but then I read your previous post.

Bethan said...

I thought the same too! Imagining you zipping around the sky in a helicopter eek!! how funny.
Hope you now always take the top bunk. xxx