Sunday, 24 August 2008

"If you think Thai foods good you should try Malaysian"

We have now completed the treacherous journey from Thailand to Singapore. I say treacherous, it was actually very easy considering the lying planet told us stories of peering Toms, brothels disguised as hotels and general harassment in Malaysia. In some areas of Malaysia we did feel rather uncomfortable with the constant staring. And one day when I walked to get my washing a man asked me if he could have me. Rank!

From Thailand we went to Lang Kawi in Malaysia then Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, then to Singapore where we are now. Melaka probably being my favorite, reminding me a bit of Mexico.

The Thai food was really good but then we got to Malaysia, where the food was even better, especially the curries. Also the chicken rice balls and Cendol, an iced coconut dessert, although it would have been better without kidney beans.

Today we took our very last long haul bus journey here to Singapore, I think if I added all the bus journeys up from the last 6 months it would probably be at least a weeks worth of travel.
Oh how i'll miss those meat coolers on wheels.

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